teether toy designs

each teether toy comes with the wood types of your choice [where applicable].

teether toy designs

WILLOW RATTLE - our best selling rattle, the willow is filled with as many textures as we could fit! approximately 5.5in + 1.3oz

ECLIPSE RATTLE - a classic + clean looking round beaded rattle. approximately 5in + 1.8oz

MINI ECLIPSE RATTLE - the smaller version of our eclipse design. approximately 3.5in + 1oz

CURRENT RATTLE - features alternating silicone + wood round beads. approximately 4.5in + 1.2oz

TORRENT RATTLE - features all silicone beads with a wooden ring. approximately 9in + 0.5oz

TIDEWRACK RATTLE - a round wooden rattle with 2 beads on a center post that create a soft rattle. approximately 3.1in + 1.5oz

SAND DUNE RATTLE - a classic wood rattle with a twist. features a silicone bead ring for a fun pop of color. approximately 6in + 2.5oz

DRIFTWOOD RATTLE - our classic, heirloom rattle. a truly timeless piece. approximately 6in + 2oz

BORNEO TOY - a fun 3d orbit teether, perfect for those little hands to grab. approximately 3.3in + 2.8oz

STARFISH TOY - a silicone toy in the shape of a star. approximately 3.8in + 2oz

SEA STAR TOY - a silicone + wood toy in the shape of a star. approximately 3.5in + 1.4oz