silicone color chart

our silicone beads come in rounds [9mm, 12mm, 15mm + 19mm], hexagons [14mm + 17mm] + roses [20mm]. colors may be limited depending on bead shape as noted below.


19MM ROUND: ballet pink, strawberry red, maroon, light yellow, seafoam, hazelnut, brown, glow in the dark

14MM HEXAGON: rust, hazelnut, moo, white terrazzo, camo, beige leopard, rainbow leopard, glow in the dark

17mm HEXAGON: moo, white terrazzo, camo, glow in the dark

20MM MINI ROSE: ballet pink, dusty rose, red, velvet clay, pumpkin, orange, chartreuse, sage, army green, forest green, seafoam, pine green, emerald, teal, powder blue, royal blue, perfect plum, midnight purple, blush, oatmeal, mustard, hazelnut, cappuccino, brown, rose gold, white marble, charcoal.