pacifier clip designs

each pacifier clip comes with the clip, wood + cord types of your choice.

pacifier clip designs

FERN - our signature design, each silicone hexagon is separated by a knot in the cord providing flexibility. approximately 11in + 1.6oz

MINI FERN - the smaller version of our signature fern design. approximately 10in + 1.2oz

SITKA - a combination of wooden beads + silicone hexagons, the best of both worlds in our opinion. approximately 11in + 1.3oz

MINI SITKA - the smaller version of our sitka design. approximately 10in + 0.8oz

AMLA - a classic pacifier clip made of all silicone rounds. approximately 10.5in + 0.8oz

MINI AMLA - a smaller version of our amla design. approximately 9in + 0.5oz

TINY AMLA - the smallest version of our amla design, perfect for newborns + toddlers alike. approximately 7.5in + 0.4oz

HONEYPOT - a fun design featuring our wooden beehive beads + mini hexagons. approximately 11in + 0.7oz

MINI HONEYPOT - a smaller version of our honeypot design. approximately 9in + 0.5oz

CORAL - a mostly wooden pacifier clip with a pop of color. approximately 11.5in + 0.8oz

MINI CORAL - a smaller version of our coral design. approximately 9.5in + 0.5oz

REEF - very similar to the coral clip, the reef has a little extra pop of color with two silicone hexagons. approximately 11.5in + 0.9oz

MINI REEF - the smaller version of our reef design. approximately 10in + 0.6oz

LUNA - a beautiful silicone + wooden round design. approximately 10.5in + 1oz

MINI LUNA - a smaller version of our luna design. approximately 9.5in + 0.8oz

MOONGLADE - an alternating silicone round + hexagon design. approximately 12in + 1.5oz

MINI MOONGLADE - a smaller version of our moonglade design. approximately 10in + 0.8oz

MOUSE - a silicone mouse design among wooden rounds, usually ordered in red + yellow to represent our favorite cartoon mouse. approximately 10.5in + 0.5oz

AQUILA - a unique clip with wooden + silicone rounds, + silicone hexagons. approximately 11in + 1oz

MINI AQUILA - a smaller version of our aquila design. approximately 10in + 0.8oz

ROSA - featuring mini rose silicone beads, this is a fan favorite. approximately 11in + 1oz

MINI ROSA - featuring mini rose silicone beads, this is a fan favorite. approximately 8in + 0.5oz

INITIAL AMLA - our amla clip featuring a letter bead of your choice. approximately 10.5in + 0.8oz

MINI INITIAL CORAL - our mini coral clip, but instead of a silicone hexagon it features a letter bead of your choice. approximately 9.5in + 0.5oz