binky beads hardware options

CLIPS - suspender clips for pacifiers and teethers. these are the standard clip used on most pacifier and teether clips. they come in white plastic, rose gold metal, silver metal, wood and antique bronze.

clip - white plasticclip - rose gold metalclip - silver metalclip - woodenclip - antique bronze

SPRING CLIPS - oval spring clips for pacifiers and teethers. these are used to clip onto the rings of your sling. your little one can pull and tug all they want, but their clip will stay put. they come in antique bronze, black, gold, rose gold and silver.

spring clip - antique bronzespring clip - blackspring clip - goldspring clip - rose goldclip - silver metal

CLASPS - breakaway clasps for necklaces and sling teethers. sling teethers are beaded strands with clasps that can wrap around your ring sling's rings, perfect for little ones that like to chew on your rings. they come in grey, white and black. 

clasps - greyclasps - whiteclasps - black